The Art of Symphony

Text about the ‘The Art of the Symphony’ Film. Written for the pre-screening conference, exhibition and film, held at Centre Chostakovitch in Paris, 13 May 2017.

Shostakovich Symphony 10

The Musical Painting ‘Shostakovich’s Symphony No.10’, created this year, is one of two paintings inspired by symphonies of Dmitri Shostakovich. My preceding painting, ‘Largo Shostakovich’ (2013) is a visual interpretation based on the Fifth Symphony, the Largo movement.

From the New World - cutout

When an experience is not from this world, perhaps we can say that it comes from another world or From the New World. The New World in this sense can have two meanings:
A New World of a kind that one can point to on a map, and a New World that is a fictional place, or rather: a state of mind.