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2024  ‘Atlantis and other Utopia’s’, in collaboration with composer Marion von Tilzer, the Amstel Quartet and Jacobus Thiele. Exhibition of the ‘Atlantis’ series of oil on canvas paintings by Maryleen, 1 December, Posthoornkerk, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

2024  EXCURSIONS!  LiveART performance in collaboration with pianist Alexander Kraft van Ermel, including Prokofiev’s Sonata no.7 and Barber’s Excursions. 16 October, Podium Mozaiëk, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

2024 Shostakovich festival: LiveART performance of an organ arrangement (premiere!) of Shostakovich’s Tenth Symphony, 3rd movement. Organised by Mouvement Chostakovitch Nîmes area, Southern France, late September

2024  Exhibition “From the New World”, Maryleen’s paintings from Prague 2012, inspired by Dvořák’s Symphony No.9, “From the New World”. 1 – 7 September, White Box, Roelof Hartstraat 7, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

2023   Rencontres Musicales Internationales d’Aigues-Vives; live musicpainting performance of Shostakovich’ Viola Sonata Op.147, with Judith Ingolfsson (viola) and Vladimir Stoupel (piano); Aigues-Vives (FR) 16 September

2023     musicpaintingLIVE performance of Strawinsky’s ‘The Rite of Spring’ as part of a program ‘AWAKENING’ by pianist Reinis Zarins.17 June, Hanzas perons, Riga (LV) Press release: pdf Awakening – Atmosanas

2023     J.S.Bach – Das Wohltemperierte Klavier Book 2, integral concert by pianist Marcel Worms with paintings by Maryleen.  Vredeskerkje, Bergen aan Zee (NL) 7 April, 20:00

2023   Tobias Borsboom‘s concert with PAN Op.43 by Czech composer Vítězslav Novák, including the oil on canvas painting ‘Pan’s Prologue’ by Maryleen. Classical Now! festival The Hague, Netherlands; 30 March, 20:15

2022     Homeconcert with pianist Marcel Worms : J.S. Bach’s Wohltemperierte Klavier (Book 2), including musicpaintings by Maryleen, at Nicolaas Witsenkade 14a, Amsterdam; 15 May, 14:00h

2022      Musicpainting collaboration with pianist Marcel Worms ‘ integral performance of Johan Sebastiaan Bach’s Wohltemperierte Klavier, Book 1 at Salviuskerkje, Limbricht, The Netherlands. 13 March at 15:00; introduction to the concert at 13:00 in Limbricht Castle. Trailer concert. Salviuskerkje website

2020        “The Art of the Symphony”, documentary film screening, in collaboration with DSCH Films, director Alan Mercer; 29 February, 20:00 at the Haagse Kunstkring,

The Art of the Symphony film screening & exhibition of paintings, 1 March, 14:00 h at Résidence Chateau Bleu, The Hague, Netherlands; registration: receptie@chateaubleu.nl

2020            Five oilpaintings for the tone poem ‘Pan’, Op.43 by Czech composer Vítězslav Novák;  in collaboration with pianist Tobias Borsboom; 11 January at 20:00h, RondoM Concert, Wilhelminaoord; 19 January at 15:30, De Klankvijver, Voorschoten; 26 January at 11:30h, MuZEEum, Vlissingen – Video

Live-musicpainting concert of Novák’s ‘Pan’ on 27 February at 20:00 h, De Haagse Kunstkring, The Hague, Netherlands. ‘Teaser’ preview on 4 February, at the Haagse Kunstkring, 18:00 h

2019 Hay Chamber Music festival
Shostakovich String Quartet No.10
live musicpainting in collaboration with Fitzwilliam String Quartet
26 -31 September, Brecon Theatre, Wales, UK

2019 The Art of the Symphony
film-screening & exhibition of paintings;
in collaboration with DSCH Films, Alan Mercer
16 September, 15:00 at Blinibioscoop
Europe House, The Hague

2019 The Art of the Symphony
film-screening, conference and exhibition
in collaboration with DSCH Films, Alan Mercer
6 April, 12:00 at De Balie Amsterdam
online tickets

2018 Winteravonden aan de Amstel
musicpaintingLIVE performance concert with pianist Reinis Zarins;
premiere of our Russian repertoire:
Gubaidulina, Shostakovich, Medtner and Scriabin
Hermitage, Amsterdam, Netherlands
16 December

2018 Hungarian Canvas
Live-musicpainting performance in collaboration with cellist Pamela Smits
and pianist Tobias Borsboom; ‘Vriendenconcerten’ Zuiderkerk
Zuiderkerk, Amsterdam, Netherlands
13 Januari

2017 Prague Music Performance
‘The Art of the Symphony’ documentary by DSCH Films director Alan Mercer; Trailer
Presentation, Exhibition and Film at Ponrepo Cinema, Prague, Czech Republic
8 December

2017 Cēsis Art Festival
MusicPaintingLIVE with pianist Reinis Zariņš
Cēsis (Latvia)
28 July

2017 Maidstone International Arts Festival – Mission to Mars
MusicPaintingLIVE with pianist Reinis Zariņš
Maidstone (UK)
14 – 16 July

2017 ‘The Art of the Symphony’ documentary by DSCH Films director Alan Mercer; Trailer
Pre-Screening Conference, Exhibition and Film at the Centre Chostakovich in Paris, France Poster
Entrance by reservation only by contacting: association@chostakovitch.org
13 May

2017 LiveART with pianist Jan Bartoš and cellist Tomáš Jamník at Novomětská radnice (New Town Hall) Prague, Czech Republic Website
Czech TV
2 May

2017 Czech Sketches
Live painting with pianist Maureen Galea in a program on Czech composers & exhibition of oilpaintings at Guildford International Music Festival Website , University of Surrey, UK
26 February

2016 MusicPainting Live at Markiezenhof (With Reinis Zarins) Trailer
Website , Bergen op Zoom (Netherlands)
13 November

2016 ‘Zazit mesto jinak na Malostranskem namesti’; Live painting & Dance improvisations (With Katerina Novackova) Facebook Prague, Czech Republic 17 September
2016 Baltic Art Form (With Sten Heinoja, Ruta Vitauskaite & Claudia Wittmann),  Review  Website
London, UK

2015 Baltic Art Form (With Reinis Zarins), Website »
London, UK

2014 Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, presentation of ‘From the New World’ and ‘Largo Shostakovich’ (videos by Kim Dijkstra), View invitation »
Prague, Czech Republic

2012 Amstelkerk ( with cellist Pamela Smits and philosopher Albert van der Schoot), View invitation »
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amstelkerk (with pianist Evelina Vorontsova) View invitation »
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2011 Winery De Oude Wijnhoeve, View invitation »
Heerenveen, The Netherlands

2010 Institute for Social Studies
The Hague, The Netherlands

Gallery Frontier
St. Petersburg, Russia

Nyenrode Business University, View invitation »
Breukelen, The Netherlands

2009 University of St. Petersburg, Pushkin
Pushkin (St. Petersburg), Russia

2008 Press conference hall Baltiskoye Informationnoye Agentsvo
St. Petersburg, Russia

Amstelkerk (with Maya Chijavadze)
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2007 Gallerie Libbe-Venema (with Tom Collord)
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Solo Exhibition Diaghilev Center, View brochure
St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg, Russia

2003 Solo Exhibition Salon du Blanc, Exposition d’Artistes Franco-Japonais Tokyo, Japan
The Nippon Gallery
New York, US

Solo Exhibition Bungei-Shunju Gallery,
Tokyo, Japan

Salon du Blanc: Exposition d’Artistes Franco-Japonais
Tokyo, Japan

Solo Exhibition Atelier International Art Group, Inc.
New York, New York

2002 Salon du Blanc: Exposition d’Artistes Franco-Japonais
Tokyo, Japan

Atelier International Art Group, Inc.
New York, New York

2001 Open Studios Williamsburg Arts & Culture Festival
Brooklyn, New York

Solo Exhibition Curaçao Museum, Read review »
Curaçao, Dutch Antilles

2000 Solo Exhibition Montserrat Gallery
New York, New York

‘Cow Parade’, Commision by Organon Inc. review
West Orange, New Jersey

1998 Atelier International Art Group Inc., Solo Exhibition
New York, New York

Bungei-Shunju Gallery, Solo Exhibition
Tokyo, Japan

Gallery Eighty-Six, Solo Exhibition
Curaçao, Netherlands-Antilles

1997Landon Gallery
New York, New York

Ginza Nagasaki Art Gallery, Solo Exhibition essay
Tokyo, Japan

New World Art Gallery, Solo Exhibition
IJmuiden , The Netherlands

Solo Exhibition Gemeentelijke Expositieruimte Kampen,
Kampen, The Netherlands

1996The Netherlands Club of New York
New York, New York

Long Island University Galleries
Brooklyn, New York

1995 Montserrat Gallery, Solo Exhibition
New York , New York

Solo Exhibition Sylvia White Gallery
Los Angeles, California

Solo Exhibition Koetshuis Kasteel Groeneveld,
Baarn, The Netherlands

Solo Exhibition Z – Gallery
Soho, New York

1993Studio 2000 Art Gallery,
in cooperation with Foundation O.O.K.
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Solo Exhibition Curaçao Museum
Curaçao, Netherlands – Antilles

Barnard – Biderman Fine Art, Solo Exhibition
Soho, New York

1992 De Vijverberg, Latin-American Cultural Manifestation
Ede, The Netherlands

Solo Exhibition Opera House Muziektheater, Artist Lobby
Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Interview by Sergei Romanov for a St. Petersburg newspaper Read Interview »
Ed McCormack for ‘Gallery & Studio’, New York Read Article »
Maurice Taplinger, Art critic for ‘Gallery & Studio’, New York
OCS News Read Article »
Drs. Frans Jeursen, philosopher and historian: ‘Maryleen Schiltkamp and the Light of Dawn’ for Art Magazine ‘Kunstwerk’
Zoltan Hegyes, Art critic for ‘Art Speak Magazine’
‘The World of the Working Artist’ by Andrew Margolis for ‘Gallery and Studio’ Read article »


Maryleen studied art at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and the Rijksakademie voor Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam.