Homeconcert, 21 May 2023


GAMELAN demonstration; Widosari group

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Pianist Tobias Borsboom, acclaimed in the press for his ‘velvet toucher’ and excellence,  presented an integral performance of Godovsky’s Java Suite on Sunday afternoon, May 21.
The Java Suite, composed in 1925 by the Lithuanian/American composer Leopold Godovsky (1870-1938) is a cycle of musical travelogues – “Phonoramas” – colorful impressions and emotions, adventures and picturesque scenes Godovsky experienced during his journey through Java, Indonesia.
The Java Suite consists of twelve parts and is influenced by Javanese gamelan music with pentatonic harmonies.
Book 1
I Gamelan
II. Wayang-Purwa, Puppet Shadow Plays
III. Hari Besaar, The Great Day
Book 2
IV. Chattering Monkeys at the Sacred Lake of Wendit
V. Boro Budur in Moonlight
VI. Bromo Volcano and the Sand Sea at Daybreak
Book 3
VII. 3 Javanese Dances
VIII. The Gardens of Buitenzorg
IX. In the Streets of old Batavia
Book 4
X. In the Kraton
XI. The Ruined Water Castle at Djokja
XII. A Court Pageant in Solo

As a wonderful addition to Tobias’ concert, the Java Suite was followed by a live gamelan demonstration, so we could hear the source of musical influence and further enhance the Javanese atmosphere. Michiel Niemantsverdriet, gamelan teacher at the Amsterdam Conservatory, gave an introduction on some gamelan instruments, together with Yukari Uekawa and Paul Schauenburg – ao. the saron, slenthem, gambang, gendèr, bamboo flute and small gong. Michiel, Yukari and Paul are connected with the Gamelanhuis, Amsterdam, and belong to the gamelan group ‘Widosari‘, with whom they often perform.
@ Nicolaas Witsenkade 14a, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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Majoie Hajarie
 Rosy Wertheim                                       Agnes Jama                                                                                

Johanna Bordewijk-Roepman


Henriëtte Bosmans



Johanna Bordewijk-Roepman – Sonate voor viool en piano (1923)

Henriëtte Bosmans – Sonate voor viool en piano (1918)

Majoie Hajarie – Serenade en Tango


Agnes Jama – Suite voor viool en piano (1952)

Rosy Wertheim – Sonate voor viool en piano (1931)

Ursula Schoch & Marcel Worms
  @ Nicolaas Witsenkade 14a , Amsterdam                                                                                                                                                                               
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