Brochure of Prague screening/conference & exhibition at Ponrepo Cinema on 8 December at 20 h

Maryleen Schiltkamp in collaboration with DSCH Films and organised by Prague Music Performance

Allegro/ Coda; Shostakovich’s Fourth Symphony – part of III movement
Live-musicpainting (2016) for the documentary film The Art of the Symphony

At Vidzemes koncertzāle Cēsis during our MusicpaintingLIVE performance of Messiaen’s ‘Par Lui…’
With pianist Reinis Zarins, July 28th, Cēsis (Latvia)

MusicPaintingLIVE: a new performance genre where classical music unites the piano and canvas in perfect sync. Accomplished artists in their own right, pianist Reinis Zarins and painter Maryleen Schiltkamp together have created a new dimension to listening. In their performances, masterpieces of piano repertoire are directly translated into stunning artworks which are highly personal yet fully aligned with the musical text. They have presented this unique concept in prestigious festivals and venues in the United Kingdom, Latvia and the Netherlands.

Promo clip in process: Ravel- ‘La Valse’; MusicpaintingLIVE with Reinis and Maryleen
at Vidzemes koncertzāle, Cēsis

“Bold fusion of two creative minds leaving lasting impact of beauty”, – Arturs Maskats, award winning Latvian composer, Cesis 2017

LIVE concert video of Bach Busoni Chaconne
LIVE concert video of Messiaen’s ‘Par Lui Tout A Été Fait’ (Vingt Regards)




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