Dvořák Symphony no.9  "From the New World" , 110 x 95 cm, oil on canvas, 2012

Maryleen Schiltkamp's oil on canvas paintings combine classical order with colourful temperament, and a wide reference to the continuity of tradition in art.
At present Maryleen lives and maintains a studio in Amsterdam and Prague.
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Music Painting 2015
Chopin Trailer

Ravel La Valse

Presentation at the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Prague

On the 20th of November 2014, a presentation of the paintings Dvořák Symphony no.9  'From the New World', and 'Largo Shostakovich', accompanied by lectures and a video presentation on the painting process, was hosted by the Dutch Embassy in Prague.
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Video: 'Largo Shostakovich' - Musical Paintings in Process
by Maryleen Schiltkamp

Video: 'From the New World' - Musical Paintings in Process
by Maryleen Schiltkamp


    Brochure for the exhibition of Maryleen's Russian paintings at Diaghilev Center,
    St.Petersburg 2007.
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    Maryleen Schiltkamp: Musical Paintings video.Watch video

  • EXHIBITION MUSICAL PAINTINGS April 20 2012: Piano recital by
    Evelina Vorontsova in combination with the exhibition of musically inspired
    paintings of Maryleen Schiltkamp.Click here to view the invitation

  • MUSICAL EXHIBITION March 31 2012: Combined exhibition of paintings by Maryleen Schiltkamp and a Cello recital of Pamela Smits at Amstelkerk, Amsterdam.
    Introduction by dr. Albert van der Schoot.

  • MUSICAL EVENT: Combined exhibition of paintings by Maryleen Schiltkamp and a piano concert by Sabine Simon at the winery "De Oude Wijnhoeve", Heerenveen, the Netherlands.
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  • CD BOOKLET DESIGN: Maryleen's painting Czech Firebird is the central design element for a CD featuring new Czech and Hungarian music.
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  • ISLAMIC DESIGNS EXHIBITION: Maryleen's Islamic designs will be exhibited at Nyenrode Business University in January and Feburary 2010.
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  • SOUTHERN OSSETIA: Maryleen's "Firebird" painting has flown to the museum of Southern Ossetia.
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  • EGYPT PHOTOGRAPHS: Pictures from Maryleen's recent trip to Egypt.
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  • NEWSPAPER INTERVIEW: Maryleen was recently interviewed by a St. Petersburg newspaper.

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