Fire-Bird will fly to Southern Ossetia.

Solo exhibition of the dutch painter Maryleen Schiltkamp.

The painter presented to the visitors her works done during her stay in
Russia. The painter was influenced not only by the general impressions
of the country, but also by myths legends, fairy-tales, connected with
Russia. First of all she was attracted by the abundance of rich Russian
culture, consisting of several layers, that she represents in her
works. The collection presented in BIA is named Soul-Fire-Bird. On the
canvases one can see Valaam island, Fontanka embankment, Old Ladoga,
and the streets of Saint-Petersburg. There are paintings dedicated to
Russian fairy-tales motives "Landscape of Miracle", "Blue Forest",
"Kitesh", "Fire-bird".
Painting "Fire-bird", which has given name to the whole collection has
been presented to the Art Museum Arveron in Tskhinvali, which was
destroyed during the Georgian-Ossetian war in august and is being
restored now.

"Fire-Bird is flying to Southern Ossetia. I hope it will become a
symbol of peace in the world", says M.S.
The representative od president of S.O. expressed his gratitude during
the presentation of the painting.
"Good is stronger than evil, and no force can break us, as long as we
find support in the souls of people", he said.
Alan Puhaev also reminded that this exhibition is the continuation of
the project of the BIA. With the exhibition "War in South Ossetia by
the eyes of painting" BIA addressed SPb painters to help rebuild the
collection of the museum. SPb art group "Mitki" presented three of
their works. BIA presented a painting of a SPb artist - landscape by
Constantine Hudjakov.

Brochure text (translated from Russian):
The Firebird Soul

Exhibition of paintings by the Dutch artist Maryleen Schiltkamp in Petersburg (December 2008)

Maryleen Schiltkamp was born on Curacao, Netherlands Antilles of a Dutch family. She studied graphical design at the Rietveldt academy (Amsterdam), classical painting and sculpture at the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten (Amsterdam). For several years she lived and worked on her art projects in Italy, New York and Tokio. Maryleen is an artist of Dutch origin, however her art works are dedicated to other cultures. Her paintings are in many private and public collections in various countries of the world – Japan, USA, Netherlands, Curacao. A large part of the artworks by Maryleen Schiltkamp is dedicated to Russia. During December 2008 these works will be presented to the Russian attention at BIA (Baltiskoye Informationnoye Agentsvo) media center in St. Petersburg.

The exhibition with the enchanting name Soul Firebird, represents paintings made in Russia and about Russia. It is already a long time that the painter was not in a hurry to bring them out of the country because Russian eyes should see them. The great love for Russia can be read in all the Russian paintings of Maryleen Schiltkamp. You can find there the brightness of Eastern motifs, quiet harmony of Russian landscapes, the strive to the heavenly worlds in earthly orthodox temples. This collection is a swift and brisk view at our country, at the beauty of its endless planes. It is a birds-eye view and this view encompasses the past and the present and it looks to the future, with open eyes, seeing in that future the great resurrection of Russia. It is not by chance that the key-painting, which has given the name to the exhibition is the Firebird. The roots of this image go back to ancient times, the miraculous bird Phoenix raised from its ashes. Hope for the resurrection and revival, for the restoration of peace shines in this painting and helps to bring hope to others, to those who are in need of this hope now. After the end of the exhibition this Firebird will take a flight to South-Ossetia’s newly rebuild art museum of Tskhinvali.

Press release:
The vernissage of the Dutch painter Maryleen Schiltkamp.

On Friday Dec.5 at 17:00 the BIA (Baltic Information Agency) invites journalists to the vernissage of the Dutch painter Maryleen Schiltkamp: Soul Firebird.

Her canvasses are characterised by the combination of classical order and emotional temperament and the contempoThe vernissage of the Dutch painter Maryleen Schiltkamp. On Friday Dec.5 at 17:00 the BIA (Baltic Information Agency) invites journalists to the vernissage of the Dutch painter Maryleen Schiltkamp: Soul Firebird. rary feeling of the traditions of the old art. The works of Maryleen were represented at various solo and group exhibitions in the galleries of New York, Los Angeles, Tokio, Amsterdam and Saint Petersburg. At the vernissage there will be represented a collection of paintings with the enchanting name Soul Firebird, which was done by Maryleen in Russia and is greatly influenced by her mood and sound. The extraordinarity and uniqueness op the works of Maryleen, her stunning technique, give evidence of her deep interest in Russian culture. Music has inspired the painter to thoughts on the Eurasian roots of Russian culture. Among the Russian works one can see those dedicated to Russian fary-tales and Eastern motifs, Landscape of Miracle, Blue Forest, Firebird. In the event there will participate Maryleen Schiltkamp and also representatives of cultural, law and business elite. The event will take place at the conference hall of BIA, Mira street 34, 2nd floor. Creditation of journalists is necessary by phone or per email.