About MusicPainting

Music painting is a new performance art, combining live or recorded music with the artistic creations on canvas, made directly during a concert, recital or dance performance. This visual creation follows the musical movement and the colour of sound at the same time, producing a unique experience.

As part of the artist’s preparation, the musical score is studied in detail, and a ‘timeline’ of the music is created. From this timeline a visual score is created allowing the artist to rehearse simultaneously with the music, and to decide finally when to paint what – and where – on the final canvas, one might say ‘a choreography for the movements of the brush’.

Significant moments in the dynamics of the music are highlighted: contrasts and syncopations, the work’s main themes and inversions, the depth of the character and the overall nature of the piece.
For the live performance, these various preparations and studies are of course helpful but do not set the final work in stone. All that happens during performance itself is part of a moment, an instant. and as much as the artist aims to carry out her plan and to anticipate the gestures and movement, the final work always results from an experience based on musical and physical interactions, in what is an open form of art with improvisational elements.